Guest Delight International is foremost among Hotel Quality Assurance Audit companies. We provide world-class mystery shopping, quality assurance, and marketing research programs in the hotel, aviation and cruise industries in over 100 countries around the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to be one with your guests, in their aspirations, desires, predilections and most importantly, their peeves. This has enabled us over the years to deliver value by translating the resulting sentiments into meaningful insights through the assessments we conduct for our clients helping them to be finely attuned to the guest’s heart and mind. Our partnership with our clients includes evaluating guest experiences, product and service standards and enabling them to customize and improve their offerings to the next level, leading to tremendous stay experience value for their Guests.

Uniquely different from other Hotel Quality Audit companies, we understand that measuring standards is not an auditing process nor an exact science as most mystery shopping agencies believe. We believe that standards are defined by the guest or the customer. The Guest is the ultimate arbiter of Quality, today. While the norms of establishing, training, measuring and auditing of standards is something that comes to us naturally, we go an extra mile to conduct subjective and customized analysis of the results. This enables your standards to be not just good but delightful! And more important, the standards become enablers of Guest Delight.